High praise for Dr. Terri Malcolm, physician leader, coach and author of The Malcolm Method
“Dr. Malcolm is knowledgable, articulate, thoughtful, and kind. Having been through the journey of a physician leader herself, she speaks from experience and with humility. She is a highly accomplished leader with an innate ability to listen deeply. Her ability to listen gives her the right to speak. Her knowledge and experience give her the right to teach. Her sense of humor makes her fun to work with and her executive presence is one of the best I have ever seen.”

– Dr. G. Anton Decker,
President, Mayo Clinic International

The Malcolm Method® is a thought-provoking process designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes. You will gain clarity about your strengths as a Physician Leader, and with this knowledge, experiment and innovate to test limiting beliefs and boundaries hindering progress. Personal and professional fulfillment is attainable amidst the chaos. The Malcolm Method helps to unearth the endless possibilities residing in you and your physician leadership.

Enlightened | Empowered | Fulfilled

At the bedrock of The Malcolm Method is the concept that the Physician Leader is already full of potential and has all of the resources that are needed for success. You are not broken, and therefore, you do not need to be fixed. I strive to be your partner along the path of exploration and to help you tap into your innate creativity. The Malcolm Method was developed to empower you and to assist you in recovering confidence in your abilities.

Topics and Themes
The topic of the session is set by the client and truly focuses on what is most pressing to the client. What is top of mind for you? What brings you 80% of your joy in leadership? What is causing 80% of your stress? Together, we will explore what you want to receive from the coaching session. Your topic is a statement of the new understanding or actions steps you want to clarify during our session(s). The theme of addressing your personality strengths and potential blind spots affirms your intrinsic motivators, and it increases your resilience.

Discover new insights, awareness, and knowledge about yourself or a present or future situation. Discover the attitudes, qualities, habitual patterns of thought, and/or emotions that are inherent to you. Discover who you are being as a Physician Leader right now. What kind of a leader do you want to be? What are you learning that works well for you and your team? What are you learning that is possibly holding you back?

Measurable & Meaningful Actions
Through measurable and meaningful actions, newly discovered insights and awareness become tangible. Your professional growth is possible because of your personal growth. And moving to the next level or the next stage starts with you, the individual. Growth comes from taking action steps, sometimes bold, action steps (in the eye of the beholder), that are designed to help you focus on the process to achieve your desired outcome. Creating well-designed actions for the sake of others and a broader vision takes on another dimension that deepens your awareness and propels you forward. What can you start doing that will help your team? What is one action that you’ve been avoiding that will help you grow as a Physician Leader?

Elite Personal and Professional Development

“How can we maintain a sense of career and life joy, when we
can’t control what’s happening?
Challenge ourselves to control the way we respond to what’s
happening – that’s where our power is.” – Terri Malcolm

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