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About Terri Malcolm-Master MD Leader
Wow! Can you believe it’s the last week of 2020? What a year this has been! Certainly not what anyone would have predicted and not like any other in our lifetime. Because the end of the year is often marked with looking ahead to new beginnings and a commitment to building bonds, why not kick start connecting with others on a deeper level with introductions!

✨My name is Dr. Terri Malcolm, and I am a physician, a physician executive, and a physician leadership coach.

✨I am a board-certified OBGYN. Exceptional and compassionate care for every woman, every time was the standard in my clinical practice. When I transitioned to administrative roles, I hung up my forceps and shelved my scalpel to focus on making a difference from the boardroom.

✨I’ve always been hungry to be a part of the action, where the decision making occurs. I am a Certified Physician Executive having served in formal leadership roles (Regional Medical Director & Chief Medical Officer) within a large-matrixed organization. I’m a newly elected board member of the American Association of Physician Leadership (AAPL) where I can be an advocate for reducing healthcare leadership disparities for physicians of color.

✨Initially, I found myself uncertain about how to be the leader that I dared to be in the administrative arena. That’s when I hired a coach. Outside of sports, I had never partnered 1:1 with a coach. Through coaching, I learned what values are most important to me, how my goals were aligning (or not!) with my values and how to capitalize on my strengths.

✨Leadership does matter. Our movements and our behaviors do matter – more than we remember and more than we know. I believe that physicians are natural leaders. If you believe that physicians are responsible for delivering exceptional care and improving processes and systems that help people be healthy, so that they can achieve their best, then you are a leader, too!

✨As an ICF Certified Executive Coach, I partner with physicians and healthcare leaders, helping them to optimize their personal and professional potential. I help physicians to thrive as they lead.

✨My want is to create a better tomorrow for physician leaders by helping them to be aware of their emotions and those of others, to be in the moment, to manage themselves and their emotions, and to develop stronger relationships. My vision is for physician leaders to be agile, resilient, and compassionate, exemplifying authenticity in every relationship and every encounter. I am zealous in my belief that culturally competent care is essential to delivering an exceptional experience in clinical care. The human(e) experience is achievable through meaningful and authentic relationships with others.

✨When I’m not coaching or leading, I’m trying to be the best wife, mom of three charming boys (a singleton and twins), daughter, and Peloton enthusiast that I can be.

✨Please reach out to me with thoughts and suggestions about physician leadership. What skills are you admiring? What do you know right now about what’s working? Where have you seen unexpected leadership? What are you noticing about your own leadership skills that you may not have noticed before? I’d love to showcase your ideas or challenges and share my takeaways.

❤️ We are in this journey of transformation together – at the individual and the organizational level. I’d like to remind you that you are genuinely AMAZING; take a moment to think about everything you have overcome to get where you are today – you are unstoppable. I’m here to support you 100%.

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself. What’s your leadership story?

Share with me on social media, or via an email to [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

Teresa Dean Malcolm, MD, FACOG, MBA, CPE, CPXP, ACC, is zealous in her belief that an exceptional experience in clinical care, the human(e) experience, is achievable through meaningful and authentic relationships with others. She has served in executive positions, integrating people with process and purpose, and successfully aligning the ideas of the team with a compelling vision. She is a Certified Physician Development and Executive Coach. Her coaching philosophy, The Malcolm Method, is rooted in positive psychology, social and emotional intelligence, and strengths based leadership. Through thought-provoking conversations, she strives to deepen the awareness of her physician clients and further their actions, thereby helping them to thrive as they lead. Dr. Malcolm (known to her friends and family as Terri) is a loving wife to her husband, Nate. Together they have three charming boys, Nathaniel, and twins, Roman and Colton.

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